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From 2014 – 2022 we have:

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"The richness and impact of The Cad Factory’s practice springs from its foundation in a coherent and clearly thought-out ethical framework: the commitment to artist-led authentic engagement with people and places, consistently made into work of international standing."

Dr Claire Hooker,
Senior Lecturer in Medical
Humanities at Sydney University, 2017

"The Cad Factory is a unique Australian organisation, creating works of exceptional artistic beauty and contemporary relevance. Their work reveals a deep ethical commitment to responsiveness, responsibility and inclusivity."

Rosalind Crisp,
Omeo Dance, 2018

"I felt extremely fortunate to have been able to attend the Becoming the Future Seminars this year and to have met Susan, Clive and Joni. I know my art practice is changing as a result and perhaps a confidence is growing."

Participant in the Becoming the
Future Seminar series, 2019

"It was amazing to see all the faces on the fantastic clouds, it was like looking at eighteen angels shining on the spectacular night sky. I felt awesome to think that we were the first people to have our faces projected on clouds."

Falls Creek student, 2019

"The workshop allows me to continue my aims to build my audio engineering toolkit and support other sound-based projects & colleagues."

Participant in the Music
Production Workshops, 2020

"I will be implementing this new knowledge on my future recordings of my original works and hopefully maybe one day I can work on other artists’ music as well."

Participant in the Music
Production Workshops, 2020

“I could not recommend this residency more- it was a deeply nourishing experience that continues to resonate through my practice. Thank you Cad Factory.”

Diane Busuttil
CASE Incubator Artist 2021-22

"Thank you very much for inviting me to be part of this magnificent exhibition. It was a thoughtful, caring and most timely exhibition and I feel very honoured to have taken part."

Debra Keenahan
Artist, Political Women 2022

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