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Contemporary Art Socially Engaged 

The CASE Incubator Studio is a new hub to nurture the development of

socially engaged art practices.


Socially engaged art is an act of care, a type of practice where ethics

and aesthetics converge to explore the social, cultural, political, environmental, and economic contexts that shape people

and communities.

As an increasing number of artists are making art beyond traditional studio-based practices, it raises important questions about the implications of this ‘social turn’ for arts practitioners, partners

and communities.

The CASE Incubator Studio is committed to:

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Resource #1

We Are the Resource

The first resource from the CASE Incubator Studio proposes that a valuable resource lies within the artists who are already actively and independently, forging their own unique socially engaged practices.

This resource shares the Cad Factory's perspective on socially engaged art and the practices of the CASE Incubator alumni artists.

Resource #2

CASE Incubator program artist interview 

This resource highlights And Then, a social-arts agency founded by Hannah Robinson and Melanie Muddle. They engage in photography as a social-practice, inviting participation and connection with communities to help them tell their own stories.

Resource #3

CASE Incubator program artist interview 

This video resource highlights artist Tom Isaacs’ perspective on participating in the CASE Incubator program and his approach to socially engaged art. Tom engages with ideas of mental health, suffering, and the human condition, working primarily in the fields of textiles and performance art.

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