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Roadside Frequencies - site-specific performance 1, 2011. Video Still by Jordan Bryon

Victoria Hunt Residency

Rural Residency Program, October 2011
The Cad Factory, Narrandera NSW

During her residency Victoria Hunt created two site-specific performances, in collaboration with Vic McEwan.

Rural Residency Program

The Cad Factory Rural Residency Program invited national and international artists to work at the Old Birrego School, a remote, disused, one room school built in 1886. The project aims to increase opportunities for exposure to high quality artistic programming in regional Australia and allow communities to engage with artistic process during the creation of major site specific artwork(s).

This program afforded artists the opportunity to consider their practice within the remote horizons of the Australian landscape and its immense panorama of time and space.  Each artist maintained a blog during their residency.

River Inside the Skin


A performance commemorating the native fish that once thrived in waterholes before the carp. Poison Waterhole Creek, chosen for its beauty and for its many truths buried in the mud and collective memory of local people. European carp act out historical violences that continue to threaten and defeat us all.

Roadside Frequencies


Devised by Vic McEwan, this was a performance for un-expecting passing traffic. Victoria Hunt, Vic McEwan, an upright piano and an illuminated plastic gown embedded on top of two dam walls. An installation on the horizon with audio being broadcast to passing cars through radio frequencies. An unexpected snippet of performative installation on a long journey.




Victoria Hunt is a founding member of the Bodyweather ensemble The De Quincey Company with whom she has created over 20 productions and residencies nationally and internationally. She has worked with New Zealand based group MAU Dance Company and has performed all over the world including a three month intensive research with Min Tanaka in Japan exploring the connections between the body and environment.


This project was supported by Wagga Wagga City Council and the Regional Art Fund.

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