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Portsmouth Harbour

Solomon Toilet

​A sound installation that placed a reading of 'The Song of Solomon' from the Bible within public toilets.

Vic McEwan, Sarah McEwan, Darrin Baker
Shown at: Edinburgh College of the Arts
Renegade Install, Museum of Contemporary Art

Solomon Toilet was born when Sarah read ‘The Song of Solomon’ for Vic’s Bible project. The pair giggled and giggled over the words in this very romantic chapter of the Bible, especially around Solomon wanting a partner to have teeth as white as the fur of a goat!

​The thought of installing this sound piece in the toilet was developed this fateful night; the beautiful marriage between God and Shit forever bound to grace this fine Earth.

The sound piece was installed in Edinburgh College of the Arts toilets for two weeks during the Edinburgh Festival.

It was then installed without permission at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Picture the scene … The opening of the Centre Pompidou Video Art 1965-2005. A mild Wednesday evening on 12 December 2006. An unsuspecting, high falutin’ public gathering calmly at the MCA to enjoy the free wine and a preview of the exhibition. Little did anyone realise that Solomon Toilet was about to be unleashed in the ground floor toilets.

During the speeches Vic and Sarah installed Solomon Toilet while Darrin filmed the process.

On the closing weekend of the exhibition, 24 February 2007, Vic and Sarah continued their renegade action by returning to the MCA and replacing one of the Pompidou videos with the video below. It lasted three and a half hours before the staff returned the original artwork.

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