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Tootool, NSW

Small Voices Made Loud

The Cad Factory artists Vic and Sarah McEwan collaborated with 70 students from the Greater Kengal Small Schools Network to create a unique evening of performance, music and projections that span the 25m height of the Tootool Silo.

​The Cad Factory and the Greater Kengal Network of Small Schools partnered to allow students and the surrounding communities to participate in contemporary arts practices to explore issues that affect regional Australia such as the impact of nature, population drift, aging population, peoples impact on the environment.​

Using face-to-face workshops, interactive remote video networking and exploring site-specific processes, the students explored the potential that the arts has in helping them to understand their reasoning, solutions, fears and hopes around these important issues.

This extended workshop process gave the school communities an opportunity to engage with contemporary arts practice and to consider their own sense of place and community through creative exploration.

Workshops were held in music and experimental sound making techniques, such as using your home or school as an instrument and different processes for audio manipulation. The artists worked with the students to create illustrations, animations and videos. The students participated in an excursion to a recording studio and created a performance with huge video projections.

This large, image driven performance event focused on community concerns where the big picture is explored by putting a spotlight on small voices made loud in big spaces.


This project was supported by the Greater Kengal Network of Small Schools, Create NSW and the Australia Council for the Arts.

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