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Shadow Places

Shadow Places: For Sydney Design Festival 2016

Powerhouse Museum
2 - 11 September 2016

Shadow Places was an Installation that took place at the Powerhouse Museum as part of the Sydney Design Festival from 2 - 11 September 2016. The project was made by The Cad Factory's Artistic Director Vic McEwan and artist Nicole Barakat in collaboration with George Main from the National Museum of Australia, Narrandera Arts and Creative Network and the Narrandera community.

A number of community meetings and textile workshops were undertaken on site at Narrandera, culminating in the production of Shadow Places.

The artwork teased out the impact of design in a rural and agricultural context. It examined what design suggests to regional communities through contemporary and historic images, some of which were sourced from the National Museum of Australia and the MAAS collection. Shadow Places invited audiences to rethink their perception of design originating in a regional setting.

Shadow Places was an installation that combined ecological and agricultural thinking, video projection, sound and textiles. It focused on the interconnectedness of rural and urban places and people. It shared the work of Val Plumwood that proposes that rural landscapes are forgotten places, despite people being intimately tied to them through food and fibre production, and through ecology and natural resources.


This project was commissioned by MAAS for Sydney Design Festival 2016.

Workshop Images: James Farley
Powerhouse Images: Marinco Kojdanovski
Opening Image: Ben Rumble
Other Images: Vic McEwan, Sarah McEwan

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