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Remote Spaces

A series of four shows in the remote Australian landscape which celebrated the vast expanse of land that make up Australia and the communities that exist within it.

Remote Spaces was a series of 4 shows (2011-2012) in the remote Australian Landscape. This series represented a major shift in The Cad Factory's presentation of live music and focused on the interesting re-use of space, on this occasion with a regional focus. Shows were held in a disused  service station, a huge sprawling scrap yard, a church and a remote community hall.

Show 1 was held in the Oura Scrapyard
Show 2 was held in an abandoned Service Station
Show 3 was held in a disused church
Show 4 was held in a remote community hall

The artists that played included Peter Fenton, Jason Walker, Jack Ladder, The Aerial Maps, The Paradise​ Motel, Grace Before Meals, Mick Harvey and Band, Princess One Point Five and Darren Hanlon.


This project was presented by 2ser and with assistance from The Australia Council for the Arts.

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