Political Women: Overlaps and Divergences brings together artists with differing cultural, generational, personal and artistic perspectives to illustrate and celebrate the complexity of contemporary feminist discourse and the art made within it.

For each artist, a tangle of politics, personal narrative, activism, and artistic practice are employed to highlight injustices and reveal the dire consequences of (colonial, patriarchal) power.

The exhibition draws attention to the nuances of how various women across three countries challenge that power by highlighting First Nation perspectives, Blackness, third cultures, body standards, sickening wealth of a privileged few, escalating inequality, gross consumerism and gendered expectations. Each artist confronts historical narratives that continue to haunt the present.

Curated by Nicole Kelly (Los Angeles USA), Sarah McEwan (The Cad Factory, Sandigo NSW) and Julie Montgarrett (Wagga Wagga).

Griffith Regional Art Gallery 

1 – 31 October 2021


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Exhibition and Public Program



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