Amelia Reid


Amelia is a multidisciplinary artist living in Murwillumbah, Northern NSW. She is interested in improvisation, interconnectedness, environments and motherhood (and other experiences of the feminine). Amelia makes three dimensional drawings, salvaged timber assemblages, photographic and video imagery, and text-based work.




Bec Dean


Bec Dean is a curator, writer, producer and educator based in Sydney where she is researching towards a PhD at the University of New South Wales. Her interests span the gamut of contemporary art and performance practices and she has fifteen years professional experience in producing and presenting multi-artform programs. Her own practice is focused on curatorial care and lively materiality; interdisciplinary collaborations across art and science; and curating and commissioning site-specific programs, exhibitions and laboratories. 



Clytie Smith


Clytie Smith is a lighting designer, production manager rigger and installation artist. She is engaged by the possibilities of spaces in-between; between art forms, the distance between people, cultures, between two trees on a river, between what is known and unknown, what is loved and unloved. She collaborates in a variety of roles with artists across many genres, from contemporary dance and performance, to site specific work and live art. 



George Main


George Main works as a curator and environmental historian at the National Museum of Australia in Canberra. He is particularly interested in the cultural and historical dynamics that transformed inland places into modern farmland. George develops and contributes to a range of exhibition, collection and research projects that allow objects and places to convey useful understandings about human ties to the rest of nature.


Greg Pritchard


Greg Pritchard is writer, producer, conceptual artist, performer and arts administrator who is currently based in Dubbo, working on Artlands 2016. Greg is interested in metaphysics, psychology, and how we exist in the environment. Using a grab bag of old techniques and new technologies he seeks to create work that questions art and our relationship to the world.


Nicole Barakat


Nicole Barakat is an artist, educator and curator based in Sydney, NSW.  She works from a place of love and patience to unpick the borders of art and life.  With a focus on contemporary drawing and textile practices, Nicole creates solo and collaborative works often using everyday and discarded materials. 


Tamsin Salehian


Tamsin Salehian is a sculptor and installation artist currently based in Sydney. Tamsin explores ideas concerning contemporary culture, social and environmental issues, reflecting on patterns and processes in society. Often using an interdisciplinary approach to media and combining computer modelling, sculpture, drawing and photography, she produces large-scale site specific installations and sculptures exhibited nationally and internationally.