The Cad Factory and Wagga Wagga Art Gallery present Uncovered:Uncovered  a special evening of short performances on Saturday  5 September, inspired by  the current exhibition Uncovered: Hidden gems from the collections of Wagga Wagga Art Gallery.


The exhibition features a range of new acquisitions, old favourites, the spectacular and the intimate, across a wide range of art forms and styles.  By invit at ion of the Gallery, The Cad Factory have curated four artists, to select an artwork on display in Uncovered and create performances in response to these works   The evening will present an organic advent ure, journeying throughout the exhibition space as objects reveal themselves, then disappear.  Utilising the entire main gallery space, this performance evening is an immersive environment in which the audience will discover many delights.


The artists participating in Uncovered: Uncovered include Vic McEwan, Greg Pritchard, Blake Buckley and Weizen Ho. Their mediums will include performance, spoken work, music, durational installation, video and sound.


”This is an opportunity to uncover even more surprises, reveal more unexpected qualities and to add to the depth of the art work in the Gallery's collection," said Cad Factory Artistic Director Vic McEwan. The chosen performers come from a wide range of disciplines and the evening will be presented as an exploration, a journey and a bit of a dream . 



Review from Art + Australia - Autumn 2012

Uncovered: Uncovered 2012