Ode to Wages Against Housework (1975)


Her Riot

In 1975, Silvia Federici wrote a book called Wages Against Housework. It articulated the concerns of a movement that began in 1972 across the UK, USA, Canada and Italy, where ‘domestic labour’ and ‘unpaid caring roles’ demanded a wage for their service. The premise was simple – capitalism had created the housewife and so it should pay for it. The housewife supported the male worker and raised the next generation of workers. Without their support, the whole system would falter. The movement reframed housewives as workers in struggle.

Menindee Protest


Jess Bynre, Jason King

In late 2019, after three years of zero flows, filmmakers Jess and Jason visited Menindee to document the environmental destruction and feelings of the community. This documentary features Barbara Quayle, Cindy Bates and Patricia Quayle. It looks at the protests created to bring attention to the issues.

Do You See Us?


Jackie Atim, Vicky Okot

We want to share and celebrate some of the people that make up our community. These people teach us, feed us and go against society’s tradition; they live their life, their way. Each person has a different lived experience, but we all share the same culture.

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Poem 2Do You See Us?
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Poem 3Do You See Us?
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