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Michael Petchkovsky is an artist, organiser and technician who divides his time living between the Blue Mountains west of Sydney and the Snowy Monaro region in southeast NSW. With a strong focus on community-oriented, collectively-implemented solutions, his work aims to explore and facilitate discourse around social change at the meeting points of our sciences, arts and cultures. He believes that hybrid, relational and speculative SF-infused methodologies provide future-tense generative pathways for activist, agential working process. His art practice explores the ways our tools and technologies both represent and affect our lives, working across traditional and contemporary electronic mediums.

Since 2017, Michael has been working with the Cad Factory to develop a flexible, multi-purpose, modular solar power system capable of meeting power requirements for installations of all sizes. 

Environmental Justice: Solar Power for the Outdoor Presentation of Artworks with Michael Petchkovsky

The Cad Factory, Sandigo NSW

Workshop: Saturday 10 October 2020

10am – 4pm, Vegan Lunch Provided

Eight places available

This workshop is for artists, producers and technicians who want to learn how to build their own solar power systems.

Since 2017, the Cad Factory in collaboration with Michael Petchkovsky has been developing and implementing a range of modular solar powered systems to meet the requirements of our performance installations in various landscapes. This has included small portable systems to power handheld projectors, all the way up to larger system powering a 15000 lumen projector. 

This workshop is part of our Environmental Justice stream of our larger project called Becoming the Future and aims to encourage and stimulate the uptake of solar technology within the arts sector.


To book into this workshop please complete the following form:

Solar Workshop - Application Form

On completion of the form, you will receive an email within 7 days confirming your place in the workshop. 

In this workshop you will learn: 

Power budgeting
     - how to accurately assess the power requirements of various electronic devices.
     - how to estimate solar panel power output and scale it to meet your power needs.
     - how to calculate battery storage capacity and charging and discharge rates to ensure power is         

       supplied when and for as long as you need it.

Components of a solar power system
     - the relationships between solar panels, charge controllers, batteries, voltage conversion and

     - how to select the components of a specific installation.
     - how to provide versatility for multiple and variable installations.
     - where to source components on the new and second-hand markets.

     - consideration of site, placement of panels, placement of equipment, placement of artwork.
     - methods of connection, selecting cables, soldering, crimping, screw terminals and plugs.
     - safety measures, fuses, switches, cable ratings, enclosures, awareness and addressing of electrical

       and other OHS hazards involved.
     - maintaining and monitoring of equipment in use.

Practical Applications
     - putting together a solar system for artists’ production and technical needs.

In this workshop you will build:

     - A complete, functional solar power system for outdoor artworks.


The generic system with a 12V DC, 240V AC and 5V USB connections included, is designed to be very portable and to power the equivalent of a laptop, small projector, powered speakers for at least several hours.


If you have a specific artwork with a greater or lesser power requirement in mind, we are happy to work towards the realisation of your outcome within the framework of this workshop.


There are different prices for this workshop: 

Option 1 – $100
Come along and be part of the workshop and learn skills to develop your knowledge and application of solar power using Cad Factory equipment. 

Option 2 – $350
All equipment that you build will be owned by you, to be taken with you upon completion of the workshop. You will take home a 40W panel, 12V 10A charge controller, 12V 150W inverter, 12V 7.2Ah battery and carry bag, all required leads and connectors.