Commitment to Solar

Since 2017, the Cad Factory, in collaboration with Michael Petchkovsky, have been taking ecological and contemporary art thinking to a new, innovative level by developing and implementing a range of modular solar-powered systems to meet the requirements of the  site-specific performance installations that we present within various rural landscapes. 

We see the delivery and  promotion of renewable energy as leading the way for artists and organisations to consider how they present outdoor artworks that have minimal impact on the Earth. 

We have developed a range of systems to accommodate smaller- and larger-scale productions by creating modular, portable arrays that can meet a wide variety of power needs from portable handheld equipment, theatre lights, sound systems, through to 15000 lumen projectors. 

Through this program we have delivered many successful  projects of different  scales; in addition to being a forward-thinking and necessary approach, we have found it to be a reliable, quieter and economic alternative to petrol generators. 

To share our knowledge, the Cad Factory and Michael Petchkovsky are able to deliver workshops, offer consultations, or co-plan and deliver power needs to artist-led events. Please contact Vic McEwan for further solar conversations.