Haunting by Vic McEwan and George Main

Friday 16 October and Saturday 17 October


This is a free event but booking is required 

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Haunting is a projection event exploring art and history that blends time, things, air, smoke and fog with the gentle flow of the Murrumbidgee River. A projector casts photographs of museum objects and historic photographs into the river, its grassy bank and damp air, at a riverside location to which the imagery is intimately bound. The project acknowledges the power and the agency of the material, ecological world, and explores how the power of the physical carries and continues through time and within place.


This night time performance installation will include a human voice interweaved with the lost sounds of the region, the calls of many animals that once thrived in this area. It will spread across a vast area of the bank of the Murrumbiudgee and onto the surface of the Swan Hopper River Hanging, bringing it to life in a new way. 


Haunting will begin when the sun sets, around 8:30pm and will last for 45 minutes.

On Friday 16 October there will be opening speeches that will begin at 8pm.


Please bring a picnic and enjoy and evening by the river.


Director: Vic McEwan

Projection Work Creators: Vic McEwan and George Main

Human Voice: Fiona Caldarevic

Lyrics: David Gilbey and Fiona Caldarevic

Black Swan Creator: Elizabeth Gay Campbell

Canoe Rider: Greg Pritchard