On Common Ground will be held in the Narrandera Common 'along the Murrumbidgee'


Next to the Murrumbidgee River lies a River Red Gum Forest with a large koala population known in Narrandera as the Common. This extensive area is a tranquil setting full of natural beauty. Permanent tracks lead you through the Common to popular landmarks such as First Beach, Second Beach and Rocky Waterholes. 


We are encouraging the audience to walk and bike throughout the Common during the festival.


The Lion's train will be operating on Sunday. Enjoy seeing the artwork while riding in this iconic Narrandera vechile. Jump on and off as you please. 


Artworks will be between the entrance at Lake Talbot and extend all the way down to the Koala count marshalling area and to Second Beach. Part of the experience of On Common Ground is walking through this beautiful natural environment. Please come prepared with water, snacks and sensible attire to make sure you have an enjoyable time in the Common. Artworks are installed in different locations throughout the Common, some in close clusters, whilst others are up to 1km apart.


Festival Map