David Gilby


Born in London, educated at Sydney University, lecturing in English at Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, for four decades, David Gilbey writes and performs poetry. David is the founder of Wagga Wagga Writers Writers which birthed Booranga, the Riverina Writers’ Centre at CSU, and is interested in fostering all aspects of creative wordsmithing in the Riverina, especially connecting with other artists and their forms. His work ranges from familial, ironic ‘confessionals’ through witty erotica and wry satires, from private to public worlds, travelling through Australia, Europe, Japan, in many styles, from haibun to sonnets, from lyrics to occasional and ‘Slam’ poems.



Derek Motion


Derek Motion is a poet and writer, currently based in Leeton. Derek is interested in community development, sunsets, and himself. He creates textual works that explore his own moral capabilities; sometimes they are posted online.



Elizabeth Gay Campbell


Elizabeth Gay Campbell is based in Narrandera and is a visual artist whose primary practice is drawing portraits in different media. However, her real love is three dimensional work. She is fascinated by people, animals, creation and faith. She combines various materials, both new and recycled, utilising any or all of the following; modelling, sculpting, knitting, weaving, sewing and any other ideas she can come up with to explore the project at hand.


Gay has been commissed by Narrandera Arts and Creative Network



Emma Piltz


Emma Piltz is an emerging artist who lives in Narrandera. Emma is interested in the collection of objects to suggest a greater and deeper meaning of the intangible. Her work involves installations created from these collections, often ephemeral in nature, making the work temporal and subject to change and decay over time. 


Emma's work has been made with the assistance of Megan Corbett.


Emma has been commissed by Narrandera Arts and Creative Network



Fiona Caldarevic


Fiona Caldarevic is a Narrandera performer, music teacher, arranger and composer. Recently she was Musical Director for local production Sunshine: a Musical Salute to the Anzacs, and this year has composed "Sophie Finds a Bird". Fiona is a trained classical singer and also enjoys singing jazz.



Gwen Lee


Gwen Lee is a textile artist based in Narrandera who makes patchwork quilts. Gwen is interested in the influence of culture and landscape on the use of colour and pattern. To investigate this line of inquiry, Gwen has travelled around Australia and to America on research trips for the past 10 years.



Jacqui Ryding


Jacqui Ryding is a visual artist and poet with a passion for education; currently teaching Art and English at Narrandera High School. Jacqui is interested in collaborative work encouraging others to explore their own creativity. In her own artwork she endeavours to explore the local environment  through process of sacrisalisation, a process where a specific site is chosen, allowing the site to resonate deeply to inform her artistic practice and materials used.


Jacqui has been commissed by Narrandera Arts and Creative Network


Joyce Spencer


Joyce is a tactile artist who lives in Narrandera and likes making 'things' 

associated with arts and crafts, exploring the history and techniques of weaving, painting, ceramics and more. Joyce loves sharing her knowledge by teaching and giving workshops. Joyce has published five books over the years, with "Folk Art Cards" a best seller among craft circles. Joyce's personal motto is, "a creative mess it better than tidy idleness.”


Joyce's work has been made with artist assistants Fiona Charles, Gwen Lee, Holly McEwan Josie Middleton, Julie Briggs, Kathleen Foster, Maxi Bohl, Sarah McEwan, Doreen Angove, Lindee Russell, The Men’s Shed.


Joyce has been commissed by Narrandera Arts and Creative Network


Julie Briggs


Julie Briggs is a writer and occasional maker and a long time Narrandera resident. She is interested in environment and social inequality. Julie writes poetry, vignette, creative non-fiction and enjoys collaborations with visual artists.

Julie Montgarrett


Julie Montgarrett is a textile artist, curator and lecturer at CSU, Wagga Wagga NSW whose practice includes  solo and group exhibitions, site specific installations, public art commissions and community-based arts projects in Australia and internationally. Her main interests are in the areas of drawing and textile to extend the conceptual and spatial possibilities of textile as narrative questioning dominant Australian histories; to explore doubt and fragility via visual narratives in complex installations. 

Kerri Weymouth


Kerri Weymouth is a mixed media artist based in Coleambally. Kerri is interested in the Australian bush, textiles and communities. Kerri creates artworks from found objects of different textures and colours; she also loves to express her self through textiles and printmaking.


Kerri has been commissed by Narrandera Arts and Creative Network

Lee Reavley


Lee is a proud Wiradjuri woman who was born and grew up in Narrandera. Lee is an experienced guide who will lead you through the Common to help you learn about Narrandera's native flora and fauna, together with some interesting facts about local Wiradjuri Culture. The tour focuses on Narrandera's Flora and Fauna Reserve - a River Red Gum community, the Murrumbidgee River, and the Narrandera Koala Colony. The reserve is home to many native animals including koalas, kangaroos, superb parrots, kookaburras, lizards, and echidnas to name a few.

Lindsay Campbell


Lin Campbell is a retired kitemaker, potter, and batik artist, interested in all forms of art. She once won the Supreme Champion Award at the Narrandera Show with a small head in white clay and glaze. Though her kitemaking days are behind her, she still does stuff, eg the baby blanket she is presently working on using the needle felting technique. This is a very slow process and she hopes it will be finished before her next great grandchild is born, whenever that may be.

Lorraine Tye


Lorraine Tye is a Wiradjuri Elder, artist and maker using basketry techniques and other fibre practices. Lorraine has exhibited widely in the Riverina region and beyond. She has recently completed studying Wiradjuri Language, Culture and Heritage at Charles Sturt University Wagga Wagga. Having learnt more about her culture, Lorraine is creating work that reflects place and connection to Country.

Marilyn Manning


Marilyn Manning has a love for the ‘domestic arts.’ She has co-ordinated many craft workshops in schools and her work has been displayed by The Embroiders Guild of NSW. The Textile Art movement has allowed Marilyn the freedom of expression and the opportunity to have…FUN! Marilyn is a member of the Narrandera Wetlands Committee.

Neill Overton


Neill Overton is an Art Historian and curator who has worked extensively as a newspaper journalist, interviewer, illustrator, graphic artist, exhibiting artist, art reviewer and novelist.  His critical essays are on contemporary Australian drawing, art prizes, awards and surveys, eclectic arts practices, and the unequal relationship between contemporary regional and urban art. 

Rachel Viski


Rachel Viski is a graphic designer, digital artist and writer. Rachel is interested in uncovering the stories from within and bringing them to life with the eloquence of design. She creates visual marketing communications material for artists, small to medium sized businesses and individuals for use across digital and traditional mediums.



Sarah McEwan 


Sarah McEwan is an artist, musician and curator based in Birrego. She is interested in feminism, social change, equality, authentic representation and the landscape that she lives in. Sarah creates solo work, installations under the pseudonym Her Riot, and collaborates with other artists, community members and young people in gallery spaces or site specific locations.




Vic McEwan 


Vic McEwan is composer, sound and installation artist, producer and director based in Birrego. Vic is interested in landscape, communities, remote spaces and cross art form collaboration. He creates sound for theatre, dance, performance and conceives, creates and directs large scale site specific collaborations that often involve dance, projection, installation and sound.