Stella Chen, Kristina Tito, and Miah Tito-Barratt  


Stella and Kristina's intention for this residency is to continue the dialogue that generated from their BodyWeather Training and Performance Workshop hosted by Environmental Performance Authority led by Peter Fraser and Frank van de Ven in Melbourne, in November 2018. They would like to further their research in exploring semi-arid landscapes, and the materials within it - including tumbleweed and peat.

During this residency, they will attempt to embody sensory movement to re-imagine these environments within a liminal space for plant intelligence, where the plant and human (animal) consciousness co-exist. In sensing impulses of memory from having visited and/or lived in these spaces, they will re-continue previous conversations regarding trauma and resilience through the lens of materiality. 


Miah will respond to the creative processes of Stella and Kristina’s research practice. Through capturing and manipulating sound recordings of the local environment along the Murrumbidgee River, she will create new sound work that compliments the work of these collaborating artists.

Kristina Tito _Casuarina Pauper - Offeri
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2018-07-18 - ShopFront Arts Coop by Tim

Stella Chen
Stella Chen is a first generation migrant settler from Taiwan, and she is residing on Gadigal and Bidjigal countries of the Eora Nation. Chen is an intersectional feminist, an alchemist and a performance artist, researcher and bog wanderer, currently undertaking a Master of Philosophy at UNSW Art and Design. Chen’s process-led multidisciplinary practice explores the legacy of her lived experience in both the settler colonial nations, Australia and Taiwan. Her practice holds space for vulnerability. 

Kristina Tito
Kristina is an arts and cultural producer and artist living and working on Darug land. She is of European and Chinese heritage and has worked across ceramics, drawing, painting and performance. Currently she is exploring familial oral stories and memories of growing up on the Murray-Darling River system through embodied movement reflecting on themes of settler culture, trauma and belonging. She studied Fine Arts at the National Art School and arts administration, performance, art theory and philosophy at UNSW Art and Design and the University of NSW, in Sydney.

Miah Tito-Barratt
Miah is young developing artist who is currently exploring performance, sound and film production. She is a member of the Shopfront Senior Ensemble where she works in collaboration with artists to develop contemporary youth performance. She is also part of New Age Noise, an electronic music production program for female, transgender and non-binary young people based at Information & Cultural Exchange, in Western Sydney.