Cadogan St, Marrickville

The Cad Factory began when Vic McEwan rented out the upstairs of a warehouse in Marrickville in 2003.​

Vic went to work modifying the space into a recording studio and gained a flatmate, friend Kieran Carroll. Both were musicians playing in bands and had the great idea of having gigs in their lounge room and giving all the door money to the bands. The Cad Factory was born. From 2005 – 2008 the space saw a plethora of bands play and it became an infamous underground space for fun, trashy times and always interesting nights with great acts.

In 2006 Sarah McEwan and Darrin Baker became core members, with Sarah organising exhibitions plus being the door lady and DB filming and documenting the goings on.

Handley St, Marrickville

After being evicted from the Cadogan St address, which was an ordeal that made us question the humanity of the big city, The Cad Factory regrouped and set about meeting their two week eviction deadline. 

Posting an inspirational sign on their wall which read, "The Cad Factory is More Than Just a Physical Space,"

a new warehouse was found within 24 hours.  With much more space to play with,  an owner who loved what we were doing and a sympathetic real estate agent, The Cad Factory set about developing their practice into the multi arts organisation it is today.

​​In 2007 The Cad Factory purchased a remote old school house in The Riverina in Regional NSW. 100km South West of Wagga Wagga and 30 km South East of Narrandera, the school house, which was falling apart,  was always intended to be a place where The Cad Factory would send artists to work.  It  was not until we spent some substantial time at the school house  that we decided to move The Cad Factory there permanently in 2010.      

We were amazed by the landscape, the access to space, the giant structures and machinery used in primary industry.  The whole region spoke to us of possibilities for installations, making sounds from unusual sources, of working with local communities and the great Australia landscape. 

So, Birrego is where we now reside, build, create and develop the programs and projects that you can see throughout this webpage. 

Away from the static of a big city, we are able to focus all of our intentions and energy into artistic and musical explorations.

Birrego, Regional NSW

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