“The workshop has given me new perspectives on my arts practice and motivation; I feel juiced-up and inspired.”

“I want to work with artists to help them get their music out into the world. This workshop has given me knowledge on how to work with other artists.”

“I intend to share these learnings with my students, and apply the production approaches to my own work.”

“[I have gained] Further insight into the creative brain and some fascinating learnings about perception, what kind of thinker you are and intentionality in creating music.”

“[I have gained] a greater insight into the cognitive emotional psychological understanding of art and music and myself.”


Clive Parkinson Contemporary Arts Practice, Health and Social Change Seminar

"I came away really excited, full of ideas and with the realisation that this was probably the first time I had experienced being in a room of people 'who actually got me'."

“Th[e] sense of validation [I received] helps with my confidence to keep exploring a different kind of practice in a regional setting. It inspires me to keep in touch with participants and keep the conversation live, keep connected to this sense of the potential for an arts practice to be far more complex, nuanced, and potentially transformative than a transaction between producer and consumer.”

“A profound few days of shared experience. A beautiful lasting impact I have found this week, after those days of sustained focus and deep listening, in general my listening has improved in every engagement I find myself in, I am more present.”


Joni Adamson Environmental Justice Seminar

“I felt that everyone who came together for this seminar was thinking through various questions of environmental justice from an individual point of view and experience. Coming together allows our thinking to expand and evolve in rapid, radical and unexpected ways. This is exactly what we need more of!”

“I intend to take the inspiration and humility I felt this weekend into my work and practice to energise myself. Sometimes working for the environment can be quite depressing; this workshop made me feel energized.”

“Amazing seminar. It has helped with my thinking a lot, giving me space to examine my practice and values. Amazing chance to also network with artists and professionals in this area for future collaborations and strengthening of practice.”

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Michelle Barry Music Production Workshops 

“I intend to implement everything I learned in my next mix, and in fact it's been very helpful revisiting old mixes. In my career, this would help me greatly with current projects - producing and engineering albums, and also in my own music.”

“This course has given me confidence to continue recording and mixing my own material and I have gained valuable and productive information about areas of the mixing process that I had been unsure about till now.”

“I think that it was great being able to turn this into a zoom workshop during covid than not being able to attend it at all.”

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Susan Rogers Music Production for Women Workshop and Music Cognition Seminar