Darrin Baker and Trent Light


A Road is a Line is a Melody explores physical and psychological borders, both real and imaginary, and how they act as metaphors that stretch beyond us, into our dreams, and into space.

Sydney video maker, Darrin Baker and Narrandera photographer, Trent Light have collaborated to build a complex map from the sky and the ground using drone footage and photography. Narrandera residents were asked a series of questions and their words and images appear in the artwork.

Darrin Baker remembers the sound of a bird, just before dawn, when he went fishing with his father as a child. That sound moved him deeply, for reasons unknown, even to this day. Somewhere buried deep inside him, mixed in with the bone and blood and other mysterious parts he will never really see, are the reasons why he continues to make things and show them to other people. The sound of that bird is in there too. Even now, the sound of that unknown species can still be heard from his bathroom window some mornings when he wakes and showers before dawn...

Trent Light discovered his passion for visual imagery at a young age. He has focused his creativity on people and portraiture. The shadow of light falling from a nose and sweeping across the cheek, is the starting point for a story to be explored. The wrinkles, pimples, and the every now and then dimples, are the raw characteristics to shed light on.