Remote Spaces

Peter Fenton with Jason Walker and Jack Ladder performing in a huge scrapyard.

The Paradise Motel and The Aerial Maps performing in a community hall (after the abandoned servo was washed out.

Mick Harvey and band and Grace Before Meals performing in a disused church

Princess One Point Five and Darren Hanlon performing in a remote community hall.

Small Voice Made Loud in Big Spaces

A performance made with the Greater Kengal network of Small schools that resulted in huge projections and performances on and in front of this 25m high silo in Tootool NSW.

Uncovered : Uncovered

A night of Curated performance at the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery in response to the exhibition Uncovered. 

Featuring performance by Vic McEwan, Weizen Ho, Greg Pritchard and Blake Buckley.

Residency Program 2011 Introduction Videos

Mayu Kanmori

Victoria Hunt

Bruce Odland

Jason Wing

Residency Program

From Our School House

Site Specific installation created in the Old Birrego School house telling the stories of past students using multiple projecttions and sound

Roadside Frequencies

Short video of the installation performance with piano and dance embedded on the Sturt highway with audio transmitted to the radios of passing cars.

Dance Diaries - Trailer

A short dance film made with local Narrandera residents aged over 70y.o which explores notions of home and what home means.

Radio Radio Play

An upcoming play, with an original script written by Kieran Carroll during his 2012 residency.

100 Notions

Short Documentary about the making of the immense interactive installation 100 Notions From A Nation of Two

WinTV News story about 100 Notions Exhibition.

Grace Before Meals

Film Clips and live videos from Cad Factory band Grace Before Meals

Recording, Filming, Art Parties

A series of ten live recording, filming and art parties.  Presented by The Cad Factory, 2SER and The Australia Council for the Arts.

As part of this project we created a video clip for all the bands that played.  To watch them click here.



Police Emergency

Early Cad Clips

Cad TV