Bruce Odland

November 2011

​During Bruce’s residency he built a whole orchestra of unusual instruments from found objects and the environment, fourteen in total, which culminated in an event at the school house called Night Birds. Audience members were invited to explore the grounds and play the instruments they discovered. Bruce and Vic McEwan gave a performance on each instrument.


Over the three weeks Bruce also worked with Vic McEwan to create a Sound Map. Bruce and Vic invited local community members to take them to a significant place that held a strong memory. They recorded the sound and the story of that place. This was displayed during Night Birds as an interactive work where you looked at the map, pressed the corresponding keyboard number and watched the video.



Bruce's Introduction Video

​Bruce Odland is a New York based composer and sound artist who is known for his large scale, public space sound installations as well as sound design for theatre. Bruce has exhibited and performed all over the world from The Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney to Berlin, Switzerland and America. Bruce continues to work and collaborate with some of the most interesting and innovative artists and groups making contemporary art.