ar(tour) – Neill Overton


Alchemy of Hope - Jacqui Ryding


Brolgas - Lorraine Tye


Community Fish - Joyce Spencer


Cultural Tour – Lee Reavley 


Field Naturalist Tour – Nella Smith


Friendly Clustering - Joyce Spencer


Haunting – Vic McEwan & George Main


Home, the Journey - Kerri Weymouth


I think I can still hear the sky vibrating - Nicole Barakat & The Eco-dyeing circle


Imagine if we were all peace-makers -  Sarah McEwan & local school students


indigo - Sarah McEwan & Derek Motion


King Cod - Joyce Spencer


Kite Eating Tree – Lindsay Campbell


Loose Leaf Manuscript: A Common Tongue – Amelia Reid


Ophelia 2015 – Elizabeth Gay Campbell


Quilting Collection - Gwen Lee


Tangible Spirit – Emma Burden-Piltz


The Bank Sitting Room – Greg Pritchard


The FOREST: Night and Day – Marylin Manning


Trinity – Joyce Spencer


Vanishing Point: Swan Hopper Legacies - Julie Montgarrett, Clytie Smith & Vic McEwan


weather - Tamsin Salehian


Webs in Community – Leeton Lace-makers


Welcome Flags - Sarah McEwan & Local school students


Yes Faux Nature is a Real Trend! - Julie Briggs




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