Vic McEwan 



Vic McEwan is composer, sound and installation artist, producer and director based in Birrego. Vic is interested in landscape, communities, remote spaces and cross art form collaboration. He creates sound for theatre, dance, performance and conceives, creates and directs large scale site specific collaborations that often involve dance, projection, installation and sound.




Sarah McEwan 



Sarah McEwan is an artist, musician and an artist-curator based in Birrego. She is interested in feminism and social change. Sarah creates solo work, installations and sometimes works under the pseudonym Her Riot. Sarah collaborates with other artists, community members and young people in gallery spaces or site specific locations.




Clytie Smith



Clytie Smith is a lighting designer, production manager, rigger and installation artist. She is engaged by the possibilities of spaces in-between; between art forms, the distance between people, cultures, between two trees on a river, between what is known and unknown, what is loved and unloved. She collaborates in a variety of roles with artists across many genres, from contemporary dance and performance, to site specific work and live art. 



Brendan Russell



Brendan Russell is a Narrandera based singer-songwriter performing regular gigs and collaborating with Jessica Pearce in the band Awfuns.  Brendan also plays bass in The Desert Swamp Band with Vic and Sarah McEwan and Lizzie Walsh.



David Gilbey



Born in London, educated at Sydney University, lecturing in English at Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, for four decades, David Gilbey writes and performs poetry. David is the founder of Wagga Wagga Writers Writers which birthed Booranga, the Riverina Writers’ Centre at CSU, and is interested in fostering all aspects of creative wordsmithing in the Riverina, especially connecting with other artists and their forms. His work ranges from familial, ironic ‘confessionals’ through witty erotica and wry satires, from private to public worlds, travelling through Australia, Europe, Japan, in many styles, from haibun to sonnets, from lyrics to occasional and ‘Slam’ poems.



Fausto Brusamolino


Fausto Brusamolino is a lighting designer based in Sydney, Australia. Fausto has been working and touring with performing arts productions for nearly 20 years across Italy, Portugal, France, Iran, Australia, and New Zealand. His roles have spanned lighting design, set design, lighting board operator, venue and production management.

Fausto spends his spare time working on hardware/software prototypes and visual/interactive projects, playing bass guitar, recording and producing his own music.


George Main



George Main works as a curator and environmental historian at the National Museum of Australia in Canberra. He is particularly interested in the cultural and historical dynamics that transformed inland places into modern farmland. George develops and contributes to a range of exhibition, collection and research projects that allow objects and places to convey useful understandings about human ties to the rest of nature.


Jannice Banks



Jannice is a recent Television Production graduate from Charles Sturt University with a passion for the world, and telling it's stories through audiovisual mediums and photography. With a heavy interest in environmental, humanitarian and global conversations, her work focuses on integrity and finds motivation through a drive to develop human perspective and to toy with social ideals. She has worked on a range of projects in collaboration with commercial television outlets, independent filmmakers, the Australian military, as well as solo projects.  


Julie Briggs



Julie Briggs is a writer and occasional maker and a long time Narrandera resident. She is interested in environment and social justice. Julie writes poetry, vignette, creative non-fiction and enjoys collaborations with visual artists.

Julie Montgarrett



Julie Montgarrett is a textile artist, curator and lecturer at CSU, Wagga Wagga NSW whose practice includes solo and group exhibitions, site specific installations, public art commissions and community-based arts projects in Australia and internationally. Her main interests are in the areas of drawing and textile to extend the conceptual and spatial possibilities of textile as narrative questioning dominant Australian histories; to explore doubt and fragility via visual narratives in complex installations. 

Kimberley Beattie



Kimberley Beattie is a Narrandera local with a passion for environmental community engagement. She enjoys discovering new ways to connect people with the natural world, local history, and each other. As a short fiction and non-fiction writer, and poetry buff, Kimberley loves the power of story-telling in all its forms as a means of bringing people together despite the barriers of time, distance and culture.




Lara Usherwood


Lara Usherwood is an artist from North Wales, and studied Fine Art at Norwich University of the Arts. Her work stems from a fascination with the psychology of society and it’s influence on the individual, often addressing issues of well being in relation to mental health and socio-political issues surrounding gender identity. She explores notions of the socially constructed self and challenges conformity and habitual perspectives through methods of defamiliarisation. She enjoys creating dialogues to develop her own and others understanding of these issues through the use of a wide variety of mediums.

Lorraine Tye and Casey Ankers


1950  and 1973

Lorraine Tye is a Wiradjuri Elder, artist and maker using basketry techniques and other fibre practices. Lorraine has exhibited widely in the Riverina region and beyond. She has recently completed studying Wiradjuri Language, Culture and Heritage at Charles Sturt University Wagga Wagga. Having learnt more about her culture, Lorraine is creating work that reflects place and connection to Country.

With a background in metalwork, community broadcasting and community cultural development, Casey now spends time designing gardens, raising her children, talking to her chicken, thinking about art and doing way too much housework.

Martin Fox


Martin has a thirty-five year career span as a video artist, professional editor, sound recordist and director, mostly for film and documentaries as well as for a number of dance productions. Martin has been video artist for De Quincey Co’s Metadata and Linda Luke’s solo Still Point Turning, and edited video for several dance works, including Margie Medlin's dance film Morphing Physiology.



Michael Petchkovsky



Michael Petchkovsky is a multidisciplinary artist and events organiser living in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. With a strong focus on community oriented, collectively implemented, DIY solutions, he likes to explore and facilitate discourse around issues of social dynamics. His art practice revolves around materials and electricity, finding liveness in mediums ranging from computer source code to light beams and from stone building construction to composites and the mixing of metal alloys.



Mitchell Bell



Mitchell grew up in the small city of Wagga Wagga, where he developed his passion for music and sound production. It all began with a guitar in his parent’s garage, which steadily progressed into performing, producing and recording music for local artists and events. He has recently completed his Bachelor of Stage and Screen at Charles Sturt University, and is looking to utilise his knowledge to work on innovative and inspiring projects to establish himself within the sound and film industry.



Narrandera Textiles Group


Est. 2016

The Narrandera Textile Group come together through their shared loved of making and friendship. The group consists of: Caroline Applebee, Maxi Bohl, Julie Briggs, Kathleen Foster, Robyn Gown, Marilyn Manning, Holly McEwan, Sarah McEwan, Josie Middleton, Julie Montgarrett, Natalie Power, Lindee Russell and Joyce Spencer

Nicole Barakat



Nicole Barakat is an artist, educator and curator based in Sydney, NSW. She works from a place of love and patience to unpick the borders of art and life. With a focus on contemporary drawing and textile practices, Nicole creates solo and collaborative works often using everyday and discarded materials. 

Image: Zoe Scoglio


Peter Fraser


Peter Fraser is a movement artist from Melbourne. He studied BodyWeather with Min Tanaka in Japan and with Frank van de Ven from BodyWeather Amsterdam. He has been a core member of the de Quincey Co since 1990.




RegenR8 is an NGO primarily focused on empowering Indigenous community based programs and initiatives with technology.

St Joseph's Narrandera Students


Forty students from Year 5 are collaborating to make new artworks for Shadow Places.